Today in History - December 2nd

  • 1804 - On this day in history, Napoleon was crowned emperor of France at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. 
  • 1816 - The first savings bank in the United States, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, opened for business. 
  • 1823 - President Monroe outlined his doctrine opposing European expansion in the Western Hemisphere. 
  • 1927 - Today in history, The Ford Motor Company unveiled the Model A automobile. It was the successor to the Model T. 
  • 1939 - New York's La Guardia Airport began operations as an airliner from Chicago landed at 12:01 a.m. 
  • 1961 - Today in history, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declared in a nationally broadcast speech that he was a Marxist-Leninist and that he was going to lead Cuba to communism. 
  • 1943 - "Carmen Jones" opened on Broadway. 
  • 1969 - On this day in history, the Boeing 747 jumbo jet got its first public preview as 191 people flew from Seattle, WA, to New York City, NY.
  • 1970 - The Environmental Protection Agency began operating.
  • 1993 - Today in history, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was shot to death by security forces in Medellin. 
  • 1998 - Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates donated $100 million to help immunize children in developing countries. 
  • 2001 - On this day in history, Enron Corp. filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. It was the largest bankruptcy in US history. 
  • 2010 - NASA announced the discovery of a new arsenic-based life form.

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, December 2nd

  • 1949 - Today in history, Gene Autry's song "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer," hit the record charts. 
  • 1959 - Bobby Darin was the subject of the TV show "This Is Your Life." 
  • 1972 - On this day in history, "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon was released.
  • 1973 - The Who and some companions were jailed overnight for $6,000 worth of destruction they imposed on a hotel room after a show.
  • 1981 - Today in history, "Dreamgirls" opened on Broadway. The show was based on the careers of the Supremes. 
  • 1983 - MTV aired Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video for the first time. 
  • 1986 - On this day in history, Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) ripped off her bra while performing in front of 10,000 fans in Birmingham, England. 
  • 1998 - First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Garth Brooks turned on the lights on the Christmas tree in Manhattan's Rockefeller Center.

SCIENCE, INVENTIONS, PATENTS - Today in History, December 2nd

  • 1901 - Gillette patented the KC Gillette Razor. It was first razor to feature a permanent handle and disposable double-edge razor blades. 
  • 1942 - On this day in history, a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated by Dr. Enrico Fermi and his staff at the University of Chicago. 


  • Maria Callas 1923 
  • Britney Spears 1981