Today in History - September 15th

  • 1776 – British forces occupy New York City during the American Revolution
  • 1789 – The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs is renamed the Department of State
  • 1821 – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador become independent from Spain
  • 1935 – The Nuremberg Laws deprive German Jews of their citizenship and make the swastika the official symbol of Nazi Germany
  • 1940 – The Royal Air Force inflicts heavy losses on the Luftwaffe as the tide turns in the Battle of Britain during World War II
  • 1950 – During the Korean War, United Nations forces land at Inchon in the south and begin their drive toward Seoul
  • 1963 – Four black girls are killed when a bomb goes off during Sunday services at a Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama, in the deadliest act of the civil rights era
  • 1997 – The IRA-allied Sinn Fein party enters Northern Ireland's peace talks for the first time
  • 2001 – President George W. Bush identifies Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and tells Americans to prepare for a long, difficult war against terrorism
  • 2005 – President George W. Bush, addressing the nation from storm-ravaged New Orleans, acknowledges the government failed to respond adequately to Hurricane Katrina and urges Congress to approve a massive reconstruction program

Famous and Historical Birthdays - Say Happy Birthday to . . .

  • Oliver Stone (Director)
  • Dan Marino (Football Hall of Famer)
  • Prince Harry