Today in History - November 6th

  • 1572 - On this day in history, Supernova was observed in a constellation known as Cassiopeia.
  • 1865 - CSS Shenandoah was the last Confederate combat unit to surrender after circumnavigating the globe, on its cruise that sank or captured 37 vessels.
  • 1917 - Today in history, Bolshevik revolution began with the capture of Winter Palace
  • 1917 - NY allowed women to vote.
  • 1928 - On this day in history, Herbert Hoover (R) defeated Alfred E Smith (D) for president of the US.
  • 1956 - Allied forces took control of the Suez Canal with British and French parachute troops holding the Mediterranean key to the Suez Canal at Port Said. 
  • 1962 - The United Nations General Assembly voted to recommend to its 110 members the imposition of economic and political sanctions against the Republic of South Africa for its racist policies on its own citizens
  • 1962 - Today in history, Edward M. Kennedy was first elected (Sen-D-MA).
  • 1965 - Cuba and the United States agreed to start an airlift for Cubans who wished to live in the United States. 
  • 1968 - On this day in history, Richard Nixon won in a close contest for president over Mr. Humphrey and became the 37th president of the United States. 
  • 1984 - President Reagan landslide: won 49 states in his re-election over Mondale (D).
  • 1985 - Today in history, American newspapers revealed that US President Ronald Reagan had authorized the shipment of arms to Iran as part of the Iran Contra affair to release American hostages.
  • 1991 - Russian president Yeltsin outlawed the Communist Party.
  • 1996 - Bill Clinton won a resounding victory over Republican Bob Dole to become President of the United States for four more years in the White House.
  • 2008 - On this day in history, world leaders sent congratulations to Barack Obama on his presidential win, including the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This was the first official message of goodwill that had ever been presented to an American leader by Iran.
  • 2012 - President Barack Obama and Republican opponent Mitt Romney faced off in the US presidential election. While results were initially close, Obama was re-elected.

CULTURE, LIFESTYLE - Today in History, November 6th

  • 1897 - Peter Pan opened in NY at Empire Theater.
  • 1975 - Hello, Dolly opened at Minskoff Theater NYC for 51 performances.

SPORTS - Today in History, November 6th

  • 1938 - Three DiMaggio brothers played together for 1st time at charity all-star game.

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, November 6th

  • 1814 - Adolphe (Antoine) Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and saxotromba, was born. 
  • 1854 - Composer John Philip Sousa was born.
  • 1975 - The Sex Pistols made their live debut at St. Martin's School of Art in London. 


  • 1932 - Stonewall Jackson, rocker
  • 1946 - Sally Field, actress (Gidget, Flying Nun)