Today in History - January 19th

  • 1793 - Today in history, King Louis XVI of France was tried, found guilty of treason and sentenced to the guillotine.
  • 1861 - The state of Georgia separated from the Union.
  • 1907 - On this day in history, the first film reviews appeared in "Variety." 
  • 1937 - Howard Hughes flew from Los Angeles to New York City in 7 hours, 28 minutes and 25 seconds, setting an air record.
  • 1944 - Today in history, The US federal government let go of control of the nation's railroads. 
  • 1949 - The salary of the President of the United States was increased from $75,000 to $100,000.
  • 1953 - Today in history, sixty-eight percent of all TV sets in the United States were tuned to CBS, as Lucy Ricardo, protagonist of "I Love Lucy" with Desi, gave birth to a baby boy. 
  • 1955 - President Eisenhower allowed a filmed news conference to be used on television for the first time, beginning a new era of news reporting. 
  • 1957 - On this day in history, Ernie Kovacs did a half-hour TV show without saying a single word of dialogue, in what was construed as a humorous performance.
  • 1966 - Indira Gandhi was elected prime minister of India.
  • 1969 - Today in history, protesting the Russian invasion, Czech student Jan Palach set himself on fire in Prague. 
  • 1993 - IBM announced a loss of $4.97 billion for 1992 in the United States: It was the largest single-year loss in corporate history. 
  • 1996 - On this day in history, Hillary Rodham Clinton was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury concerning her involvement in Whitewater.

SCIENCE, DISCOVERIES, PATENTS - Today in History, January 19th

  • 1825 - Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett patented a canning process to preserve salmon, oysters and lobsters. 
  • 1883 - Today in history, Thomas Edison's first electric lighting system for a village, using overhead wires, began operation in NJ. 
  • 1915 - George Claude patented the neon discharge tube for use in advertising signs in France. 

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, January 19th

  • 1853 - On this day in history, Verdi's opera "Il Trovatore" premiered in Rome. 
  • 1957 - Johnny Cash made his first network TV appearance on "The Jackie Gleason Show." 
  • 1957 - Today in history, Pat Boone sang at Dwight Eisenhower's presidential inauguration ball. 
  • 1971 - At the Charles Manson murder trial, the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" was played.
  • 1976 - On this day in history, The Beatles turned down an offer of $30 million to play together again on the same stage.
  • 1977 - Aretha Franklin sang "God Bless America" at an inaugural concert for President-elect Carter.
  • 1993 - Today in history, Fleetwood Mac reunited to perform at Bill Clinton's inauguration.
  • 1999 - Jean-Michel Jarre delivered a petition to the European Parliament asking for better legal protection against music piracy on the internet. 


  • Robert E. Lee 1807 
  • Edgar Allen Poe 1809
  • Paul Cezanne 1839
  • Jean Stapleton 1923
  • Tippi (Natalie) Hedren 1931
  • Janis Joplin 1943 
  • Dolly Parton 1946 
  • Katy Sagal 1956