Today in History - October 22nd

  • 362 - The temple of Apollo at Daphne, outside of Antioch, was destroyed in a mysterious fire.
  • 1746 - Today in history, John Hamilton, the Royal Governor of New Jersey officially chartered the College of New Jersey. The school is now known as Princeton University.
  • 1747 - Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first parachute jump from a balloon.
  • 1864 - Confederates arrived in Guntersville, Alabama.
  • 1883 - New York City's nouveau riche built their own opera house on Broadway in Manhattan. The new socialites now had a theater where they could have opera boxes.
  • 1907 - On this in history, the panic of 1907 took place: A run on Knickerbocker Trust Company stock set events in motion that led to a depression.
  • 1962 - President Kennedy announced an air/naval blockade of Cuba, following the discovery of USSR missile bases on the island. This led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • 1964 - Jean-Paul Sartre won and declined the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • 1979 - The deposed Shah of Iran was welcome in the US for medical treatment and this led to the Iran hostage crisis.

SPORTS - Today in History, October 22nd

  • 1939 - Today in history, the first televised pro football game was telecast from Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn beat Philadelphia, 23-14.
  • 1878 - The first rugby match under floodlights took place in Salford between Broughton and Swinton.
  • 2012 - Cyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of 5 out of his 7 titles for doping.

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, October 22nd

  • 1883 - Today in history, The Metropolitan Opera House held its grand opening in New York. 
  • 1961 - Chubby Checker appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" and performed "The Twist." 
  • 1966 - The Supremes rose to the top of the charts, the first female group to do so, with "Supremes a Go-Go."
  • 1966 - The Beach Boys released the single "Good Vibrations," today in history.
  • 1971 - Folk singer Joan Baez received a gold record for her hit "The Night They Drive Old Dixie Down."
  • 1983 - On this day in history, New York's Metropolitan Opera celebrated its 100th anniversary.
  • 1988 - Today in history, Phil Collins' remake of the Mindbenders' "Groovy Kind of Love" was the number one U.S. single; and Elton John sold out Madison Square Garden for a record 26th time.
  • 1987 - "Cabaret" opened at Imperial Theater NYC for 262 performances


  • 1844 - Actress Sarah Bernhardt.
  • 1917 - Actress Joan Fontaine.
  • 1919 - Writer Doris Lessing.
  • 1920 -  LSD activist Timothy Leary.
  • 1942 - Actress Annette Funicello. 
  • 1943 - Actress Catherine Deneuve.