Today in History - January 10th

  • 1861 - On this day in history, Florida separated from the United States.
  • 1870 - John D. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil. 
  • 1901 - Today in history, oil was found near Beaumont, Texas. 
  • 1911 - The first photograph was taken from an airplane over California. 
  • 1920 - On this day in history, The League of Nations officially ended World War I with Germany.
  • 1928 - The Soviet Union ordered the departure of Leon Trotsky from the country. 
  • 1943 - Today in history, FDR sailed to Trinidad, thus becoming the first American President to visit a foreign country in the midst of a war.
  • 1946 - The first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly took place with 51 nations represented. 
  • 1951 - On this day in history, the first passenger jet trip from Chicago to New York City took place.
  • 1971 - "Masterpiece Theatre" premiered on PBS.
  • 1984 - Today in history, The USA and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations for the first time in more than a century. 
  • 1990 - Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc. completed a $14 billion merger. The new company, Time Warner, was the world's largest entertainment company. 
  • 2000 - On this day in history, it was announced that Time-Warner had agreed to buy America On-line (AOL). It was the largest-ever corporate merger.
  • 2001 - American Airlines agreed to acquire most of TWA for about $500 million.
  • 2002 - Today in history, in France, the "Official Journal" reported that women could get the morning-after contraception pill for free. 

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, January 10th

  • 1949 - Vinyl records were introduced by RCA and Columbia. 
  • 1956 - On this day in history, Elvis Presley recorded "Heartbreak Hotel," "I Was the One," "I'm Counting On You," "I Got a Woman" and "Money Honey." 
  • 1981 - Today in history, "The Pirates of Penzance"  by Gilbert and Sullivan opened at Broadway's Uris Theatre.


  • Frank Sinatra Jr. 1944 
  • Rod Stewart 1945
  • George Foreman 1949
  • Pat Benatar 1953