Today in History - November 15th

  • 1727 - On this day in history, the NY General assembly allowed Jews to omit phrase "upon the faith of a Christian" from abjuration oath.
  • 1763 - Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon began surveying the Mason-Dixon Line.
  • 1777 - Today in history, The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, precursor to the United States Constitution. 
  • 1867 - The first stock ticker was unveiled in New York City.
  • 1869 - On this day in history, free postal delivery formally commenced.
  • 1920 - The League of Nations met for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • 1926 - Today in history, the National Broadcasting Co. (NBC) debuted with a radio network of 24 stations. The first network radio broadcast was a four-hour "spectacular." 
  • 1939 - President Franklyn Rooseveltlaid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  • 1939 - On this day in history, the Nazis began mass murdering Warsaw Jews.
  • 1939 - The Social Security Administration approved first unemployment check.
  • 1940 - Today in history, NY Midtown tunnel linking Manhattan and Queens opened to traffic.
  • 1954 - The first regularly scheduled commercial flights over the North Pole began.
  • 1966 - On this day in history, the flight of Gemini 12 ended successfully as astronauts James A. Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. splashed down safely in the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • 1969 - In the nation's capital, a quarter of a million protesters staged a peaceful demonstration against the Vietnam War. 
  • 2006 - Today in history, Andy Warhol's painting of Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong sold for $17.4 million. At the same auction "Orange Marilyn" sold for $16.2 million and "Sixteen Jackies" sold for $15.6 million.

SCIENCE, INVENTIONS, PATENTS - Today in History, November 15th

  • 1901 - Miller Reese patented an electrical hearing aid. 

MUSIC HISTORY - Today in History, November 15th

  • 1956 - Elvis Presley made his acting debut in the premiere of the "Love Me Tender" movie. 
  • 1965 - The Rolling Stones made their debut on NBC-TV's "Hullabaloo" television show.
  • 1969 - Today in history, Janis Joplin was arrested in Tampa, FL on charges of using "vulgar and indecent language" at a concert. All the charges were eventually dropped.
  • 1969 - The first Jackson Five record to enter top 100 (I Want You Back) appeared on the charts. 
  • 1975 - ABBA were guests on "American Bandstand." They performed "S.O.S." and "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do." 
  • 1990 - On this day in history, David Bowie opened on Broadway in the title role of "The Elephant Man." 
  • 1990 - Frank Farian, producer of Milli Vanilli, publicly admitted that Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus never sang a note on the Milli Vanilli album and that they lip-synched when they performed live. 
  • 2003 - Today in history, the city of Augusta, GA, announced that it planned to construct a statue of James Brown and rename a music festival in his honor. 
  • 2006 - U2 won a court battle over allegedly stolen Bono memorabilia. The items, an iconic Stetson hat, a pair of metal earrings, a green sweat shirt and a pair of black trousers, were in the possession of a former stylist. 

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS - November 15th

  • Georgia O'Keeffe 1887