Today in History - October 5th

  • 1143 - King Alfonso VII of Leon (Spain) recognized Portugal as a Kingdom. The separation of the two countries was established via granted autonomy, on this day in history.
  • 1450 - Today in history, Jews were expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of King Ludwig IX.
  • 1582 - On this day in history, The Gregorian calendar was introduced in Italy, other Catholic countries. We still use the Calendar today.
  • 1789 - French Revolution: Today in history, the women of Paris marched to Versailles to confront King Louis XVI about his refusal to promulgate the decrees on the abolition of feudalism; insisted on having bread for they and their children were hungry; and asked to have the King and his court moved to Paris.
  • 1793 - On this day in history, Christianity was dis-established in France.
  • 1864 - Today in history, most of Calcutta was destroyed by a cyclone (approximately 60,000 died).
  • Wright Brothers Flyer III

    Wright Brothers' "Flyer III"

  • 1905 - The Wright Brothers' "Flyer III" flight (38.5 km in 38.3") took place, on this day in history.
  • 1914 - Today in history, World War I's first aerial combat resulting in casualties was recorded.
  • 1931 - On this day in history, the 1st non-stop transpacific flight from Japan to Washington took place (Herndon & Pangborn).
  • 1942 - 5,000 Jews of Dubno, Russia were massacred, today in history. Yet another instance of genocide in Europe, paving the way for more to come.
  • 1944 - Suffrage was extended to women in France, on this day in history. Better late than never!
  • 1958 - US performed nuclear test at Nevada Test Site. USSR also performed nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR.
  • 1984 - Today in history, the 13th Space Shuttle Mission (41-G)-Challenger 6 launched with success.
  • 1991 - And the race slows down... On this day in history, the USSR reduced its nuclear-weapons arsenal.
  • 2000 - Today in history, mass demonstrations in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, led to the resignation of Serbian Slobodan Milošević. These demonstrations are often called the Bulldozer Revolution.

SPORTS - Today in History, October 5th

  • 1895 - On this day in history, the first individual time trial for racing cyclists was held on a 50-mile course north of London.
  • 1900 - 6th US Golf Open: Harry Vardon shot a 313 at Chicago GC Ill.
  • 1921 - Today in history, the 1st World Series radio broadcast happened with the Yankees beating The Giants 3-0.
  • 1922 - Yankees & Giants played an infamous 3-3 tie World-Series game, on this day in history.
  • 1956 - Today in history, Yogi Berra became the 4th Yankee to hit a World-Series grand slam.
  • 1996 - On this day in history, Caroline Pierce won the LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic. More and more women were entering golf by the day!
  • 1997 - The Vantage Senior Golf Championship took place to allow for an "elder" platform in the game.

CULTURE, LIFESTYLE - Today in History, October 5th

  • 1924 - Today in history, the first Little Orphan Annie-strip appeared in The NY Daily News.
  • 1945 - "Meet the Press" premiered on radio, on this day in history, finding its way to network TV later in time.
  • 1947 - The first Presidential address was televised from White House, with Harry Truman at the podium, today in history.
  • 1953 - On this day in history, the first documented recovery meeting of Narcotics Anonymous was held.
  • 1962 - Today in history, The Beatles released their first record "Love Me Do."
  • 1969 - Monty Python's now legendary "Flying Circus" began airing on The BBC, on this day in history.
  • 1970 - Today in history, PBS became a Network.
  • 1977 - Controversial, anti-war rock opera "Hair" opened at The Biltmore Theater in NYC for 43 performances, on this day in history.
  • 1978 - Today in history, renowned writer Isaac Bashevis Singer won Nobel Prize in Literature.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY - Today in History, October 5th

  • 1991 - The first official version of the Linux kernel, version 0.02, was released.


  • 1929 - On this day in history, Autherine Lucy was the first black person to enroll at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. "Integration" as we know it today, was still decades away.
  • 1952 - Clive Barker, English author and film director, was born (Hellraiser, Lord of Illusions).
  • 1975 - Remarkable actress Kate Winslet was born in Reading, England (Titanic, Jude, Hamlet, Get Back)